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About: at some point I may connect this blog up to my social site identities, but not yet. for now just look below to get some Context

I am just a regular American male.  I had two very intense parents who stayed a couple and then married since they met as kids in the rural South West.    They are good people but in some ways some very difficult people to have a parents.  I would put my life experience and age at a place where I am not  a young one but I am also not even close to old yet.   Now I am a fossil if you comparing me to the the lifespan of a female model  but then do not get me started about the many foul aspects of that particular industry.   I like physical beautiful as much as the next man but I try to work hard to not countenance the fake beauty that is posterized all around us in order to make the prettiest person feel that they need to spend money on making themselves more perfect.   I have a background in a wide variety of things, and though my parents grew up simply, in a rural town,  then evolved into an international corporate couple and I have benefitted from their success greatly.   I feel lucky to have been around for the things I have.  I was an early adopter of PCs and the internet and I can remember life before the internet and even cable though I was very very young.   In short I am part of the first digital generation.  The only one to have the memory of what things were like prior to instant access to entire worlds of knowledge for free.  I always have tried to keep an open mind and not to make judgements about people unless a particular circumstance required me to make one in order to make a correct choice for myself.   But I am also someone who has a wildly curious and over active mind that is constantly curious and not always terribly cooperative with my wishes for focus at times.   In the end though,  I would rather have this very quirky but also very perceptive mind than one that is not so easily able to grasp most things.   Although I have been a marine and one that specialized in infantry and warcraft at that, I am also a man who had a some what allergic and sickly mother that eventually led to me getting an early out of my reserve service due to constant trouble with exercise asthma.   I was also very fortunate as I was given that option because of a lull in military actions at the time. Lord knows I would not recommend the marine reserves to someone now unless they want to have a future of constant interruption.  If you want to go in the marines now I highly recommend you consider active duty. Also unless you like being in one of the only services that toughens you up upon entry and is the closest the US has to a rough and ready spartan fighting force than I would conceder looking at other branches of the service as a way to serve your country.   but back to me,   I am currently struggling with health problems that have kept me in a holding pattern for far too long and I have no idea how it is all going to turn out in the end.  But I am financially secure so far.  I have good access to books,  music, movies, Cable, the internet and computers.  So I keep my self busy watching the world and observing in a way that only a single adult can who has already been through college and is naturally even compulsively curious about almost everything.  I am a kind person but I am only looking for people that already understand that part of friendship is reciprocating that which is offered to you. —- oh hmm I am tired now so thats it for now but I will come back to this page later.  Peace Y’all The Barber of Occam.

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