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Welcome to the Barber shop where I shear away all my personal thoughts with the hopes of unburdening myself.

July 17, 2011

So I am just diving in with very little work to understand the platform.   I will eventually learn more and more about this platform but I mainly just wanted a place to put thoughts out on the net to get them off my chest.  I am doing zero work to attract attention or to monetize this particular Blog as it is really a test bed and  a place where I can both have some entries show that I can write  as well as others that show I can rant and refuse to edit and make perfect until I see fit.  If I ever see fit.  One thing I can promise those few who do step onto this site is that I will be sincere, candid and share things here that I am not likely to share to people I do not know anywhere else.  I am not saying that I am doing anything incriminating or juicy in my life.  In fact truth be told my life is in a holding pattern that it has been in for a long while.   You might catch on to bits and pieces of some of  my inner emotional struggles or thoughts on various family members.  I am fine with comments,  I would only hope that by putting this blog in a very very quiet place with an obscure name that I will not attract 15 to 17 year old trolls.  I do  not mind criticism or commentary so long as it is intended to do more than simply be an irritant.  But lest trolls think I will be truly bothered,  if they come and try to be a presence I will simply say,  wrong.  I am an examine and I have seen more violence than anyone should see so I know it is nothing more than human beings acting like ugly violent chimps and foregoing their god given right to be something more.  To live as a human being with soul and creativity.  I reserve the right to ban anyone or filter comments in any way at any time for any reason that I want.   But I want to let those know with honest intentions of legitimate engagement that I am open to engagement by people who do not agree with my thoughts.  In fact I think its quite likely I may rant some things that later I will end up taking back upon reflection.  That is the purpose of this blog  really,  to create a semi-public forum that offers the opportunity for those with the time and inclination to respond to any of my comments.  Well I think that is about it and I do not feel like going through and editing anything now so I apologize if this welcome page seems sloppy at the moment.  I promise to add to it as well as to edit it as time and inclination serve.   It ought to be interesting to see if this gets noticed at all.   But I will be happy to just put my thoughts out on the net as well as create a series of writing samples for some real basic corporate blogging.


Let my game of public solitaire begin.




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